Monday, June 29, 2015

Lolita Challenge 6: 10 things you can't live without in Lolita!

Hello once again everyone! I'm finally back with more of my Lolita challenge. I'm really looking forward to getting back into this, even though I haven't really been wearing Lolita all that much lately or purchasing anything other than accessories (damn you wallet for not having enough funds when Castle Mirage came out T_T ). 
It was actually kind of hard to make a list of ten things I can't live without-- some were more obvious than others!

1. Just gonna throw it out there that I think the petticoat is the number one item I probably couldn't live without when it comes to Lolita. The poofier the dress, the more confident and princess-y I feel. I have been known to layer them to create the desired effect. 

2. Some sweet-ass shoes. No Lolita outfit is complete without a pair (or twelve pairs) of great shoes that complete the entire ensemble. Always a sucker for shoes, this is high on my list. And as we all know, Lolita brands and other Japanese brands have put out some greatttt shoes.

4. Another Lolita staple most of us couldn't live without? The Purse. I love purses and have quite a few, and its kind of nice because some of my Loli purses can also be used for everyday, simpler Otome co-ords, or more dressy Hime style. Lolita fashion has so many stunning bags that I've lost count, and every co-ord I put together, I try to match with one of my purses. Even if you only have one special purse that can go with a few of your Lolita co-ords, its just so important to have.

Some of my bags!

5.  Tea Parties! I love high tea and tea parties so muchhhh. Whenever the local comm does a high tea get together,  I try my best to be there. The tea, the snacks, the atmosphere- it's just one of  my favorite parts of Lolita.

6. The Photos. We take tons of photos at our meets, but even daily co-ord photos from friends or other Lolitas worldwide are a wonderful source of inspiration everyday. Documentation of all of our fun times and all of our super Derplita photos are the best thing.

7. Definitely can't live without the Hunt. I love nothing more than searching and scouring the Internet for that one item I suddenly get an obsession with. Its fun to get in on it with other Lolitas as well, like when there's a particular release from AP or, like lately with a lot of other Lolitas I know, the Automatic Honey releases. 

8. Magazines and Mooks, such as the Gothic Lolita Bible. 

9. I couldn't do much without all the Inspiration from other Lolitas. Instagram, blogs, and daily Lolita co-ord posts on Facebook groups are wonderful. 

10. Money, sweet money. How could I buy all the burando without it? 


Well, thats it for now! Currently watching a bunch of creepy movies tonight 0_0

Bai bai!

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