Monday, June 29, 2015

Lolita Challenge 6: 10 things you can't live without in Lolita!

Hello once again everyone! I'm finally back with more of my Lolita challenge. I'm really looking forward to getting back into this, even though I haven't really been wearing Lolita all that much lately or purchasing anything other than accessories (damn you wallet for not having enough funds when Castle Mirage came out T_T ). 
It was actually kind of hard to make a list of ten things I can't live without-- some were more obvious than others!

1. Just gonna throw it out there that I think the petticoat is the number one item I probably couldn't live without when it comes to Lolita. The poofier the dress, the more confident and princess-y I feel. I have been known to layer them to create the desired effect. 

2. Some sweet-ass shoes. No Lolita outfit is complete without a pair (or twelve pairs) of great shoes that complete the entire ensemble. Always a sucker for shoes, this is high on my list. And as we all know, Lolita brands and other Japanese brands have put out some greatttt shoes.

4. Another Lolita staple most of us couldn't live without? The Purse. I love purses and have quite a few, and its kind of nice because some of my Loli purses can also be used for everyday, simpler Otome co-ords, or more dressy Hime style. Lolita fashion has so many stunning bags that I've lost count, and every co-ord I put together, I try to match with one of my purses. Even if you only have one special purse that can go with a few of your Lolita co-ords, its just so important to have.

Some of my bags!

5.  Tea Parties! I love high tea and tea parties so muchhhh. Whenever the local comm does a high tea get together,  I try my best to be there. The tea, the snacks, the atmosphere- it's just one of  my favorite parts of Lolita.

6. The Photos. We take tons of photos at our meets, but even daily co-ord photos from friends or other Lolitas worldwide are a wonderful source of inspiration everyday. Documentation of all of our fun times and all of our super Derplita photos are the best thing.

7. Definitely can't live without the Hunt. I love nothing more than searching and scouring the Internet for that one item I suddenly get an obsession with. Its fun to get in on it with other Lolitas as well, like when there's a particular release from AP or, like lately with a lot of other Lolitas I know, the Automatic Honey releases. 

8. Magazines and Mooks, such as the Gothic Lolita Bible. 

9. I couldn't do much without all the Inspiration from other Lolitas. Instagram, blogs, and daily Lolita co-ord posts on Facebook groups are wonderful. 

10. Money, sweet money. How could I buy all the burando without it? 


Well, thats it for now! Currently watching a bunch of creepy movies tonight 0_0

Bai bai!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hiatus seriously over this time

Sorry once again that it's been ages since I posted. Back in January, I got my dream job position of working in a Library and I've just been so busy ever since! 
I've been trying to post regularly on my Instagram , and although I don't have a phone right now (I'm waiting for my new iPhone 6 to arrive), I will be posting a whole lot more once I have one again!

I've really missed blogging these days, so starting later tonight I'm going to resume my Lolita Challenge, skipping Day 5 which would have been my Lolita wishlist, but since I don't really have a *small* wishlist it would be impossible to do the post, haha.

Please be patient with me, I promise lots and lots of more outfit posts, hauls, and everything cute I can possibly get my hands on!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hiatus over!

Hello all. My, its been ages since I've posted on here! 

I originally started writing back in August about the Angelic Pretty tea Party at Anime Revolution and meeting RinRin Doll, but somehow I never finished writing that post and lost the entire thing. I'll probably start writing about it again this week even thought it happened a number of months ago, but for now, here's a photo of RinRin and I!

I had such a great time that weekend 

Keep an eye out on my page for all sorts of adventures over the past couple of months, Lolita and Liz Lisa purchases, more of the Lolita Challenge (I'm so behind!), My small feature in the latest volume of Gothic & Lolita Bible, and all about saving for my trip to Japan!

See you soon!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Lolita Challenge 4- 10 Different Kinds of Foods I Like

Hello hello! I'm trying to get back on track with my Lolita Challenge, so here is my list of ten different kinds of foods that I like. It was hard for me to pick just ten types, because I love food, most of it being the kinds that aren't good for me at all haha.

So here we go!

1. I've gotta say, pizza is probably my favourite food of all time, in a close tie for first with sushi. I've been obsessed with pizza since I was very young, especially pepperoni and/or four cheese. The East Indian restaurant here, Saffron, does the best four cheese pizza I've ever had.

2. Sushi/Sashimi. You probably guessed. I absolutely love all types of sushi and sashimi, but when it comes down to it, I'd have to say my favourite roll is Spicy Tuna. I literally get it every single time I go for sushi, and like to try it at every new sushi restaurant I go to, because it seems to be different at every single one. I also have takeout sushi once a week with my good friend Enya, its becoming a weekly tradition now!

Weekly sushi, with a new roll this week, the Breezy roll!

3.  Potato chips. I've got a serious addiction to regular flavoured potato chips, but 
I also love some of the spicier ones. Kettle Chips just put out a Sriracha flavour recently that I'm addicted to! My favourites also include Miss Vickies Regular, and one of my all-time favourites, Smartfood. If you don't have that in your country, Smartfood is basically popcorn covered in white cheddar cheese and it is the most delicious thing in the universe.

4. Macarons. I love the taste and consistency of macarons, especially strawberry, raspberry, and almond ones. My dad, who is a pastry chef, makes the most amazing raspberry ones ever!

5. Dark chocolate. Yep, I am in love with chocolate. Up until recently I was eating chocolate every day, but decided to cut back a little, haha. I will probably eat any chocolate thats available, but my favourite bars are Coffee Crisp!

6. Fried Chicken. I just love the crunchy skin and taste, and my friend Jayce when he used to live close by would make the most amazing fried chicken wings for our movie nights. I would seriously eat 20 of those things in one go :3

7. Steak. I don't get to eat it much, but when I do it certainly doesn't last long. I love BBQ steak too, with Montreal Steak Spice, and my boyfriend's parents do a really nice steak on the BBQ.

8. BACON!!!! I don't know why this isn't at the top of the list! I love bacon so much! Give me a plate of bacon anyday....and you will probably also give me heart problems but it'll totally be worth it haha

9. Plain rice with loads of butter and salt. It may sound like a strange dish to some, but it is actually one of my favourite comfort foods. When I'm tired or watching videos or sad I will make myself a giant plate of steaming rice, stick a ton of butter on top, and throw salt all over it, and it makes me feel wayyyy better.

10. Takoyaki! I love the little balls filled with delicious octopus! I can't get it where I live, but whenever I go to the city I try to fill up on it as much as I can!

Well, thats it for now, the next challenge will be 10 things I will never do in Lolita!

See you then!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

~Fairytale Boutique Tea Party~

Hello everyone! It's taken me a while to update, but a couple of weeks ago I attended a lovely tea party in Vancouver, hosted by Fairytale Boutique! For those of you who don't know, Fairytale Boutique hails from downtown Los Angeles. The store promotes kawaii fashion and culture as much as possible and they sell all sorts of wonderful Lolita clothing and accessories. Miki and Hayley were so sweet and I'm so glad I got to meet them and spend some time with them!

The tea party was put on as part of North West Fan Fest, a cosplay and costume convention that was held for the weekend. I unfortunately didn't get to go for all three days (work impeding on Lolita life), but I went for the final day on Sunday, the same day the tea party was being held! 

The theme of the tea party was "fairy-tale". At first I wasn't sure what kind of co-rd to go with. I had ideas about Little Bo Peep or some sort of princess, but in the end I decided to go as my own version of Goldilocks from Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

Here's my co-ord rundown:

Bonnet: Triple Fortune
OP: Angelic Pretty Victorian Rose in Sax
OTK's: Metamorphose
Shoes: Bodyline (customized)
Accessories: Rilakkuma, H&M, handmade

I found out at the last minute  that Fairytale Boutique's booth at the con would be carrying some of the latest Automatic Honey Moonlight Pegasus gear, in special colours only released for Canada and NWFF. I loveeeee Automatic Honey, and was really hoping to grab an item or two at the booth on Sunday.
I was unlucky with my timing however, and the last Pegasus necklace sold minutes before I showed up :'( My lovely friend Jen had grabbed the last two Moonlight Rings, one in each colour, and promised me the white one though! So next time I see her it shall be mine, OHO.
(And on a side note, one of the girls in the local community was selling her pink version of the Moonlight Pegasus necklace that she bought at NWFF and I saw it on Lace Market and scooped it!!! Lucky!)

Moonlight Pegasus necklaces by Automatic Honey!

Moonlight Rings

As soon as I got to the convention, I immediately went to Fairytale Boutique's booth! It was so nice talking to Miki and Hayley one-on-one, and fawning over all of the cute things they brought with them.

Miki and Hayley at the booth!

After hanging at the booth for a while, meeting up with some other Lolita friends, and general wandering about, it was time to go to the tea party. The tea party was actually being held off-site from the convention at a tea room in the middle of downtown Vancouver, called Patisserie Fur Elise. The patisserie is in a re-decorated, beautiful heritage home tucked right into the heart of the city, and is  one of my favourite places to have tea and purchase delicious macarons! 
We had a schoolbus chartered to take us there, so we all piled in and made our way downtown.

As soon as we got there it was photo time!


The patisserie is literally one of the most beautiful places to sit and have a full tea service. We got right to ordering and it didn't take long before our treats arrived, along with our individual teas we had all chosen. I picked the Honey-Scented tea this time around, which has a delightful flavour!
As we went through our cute little goody bags that each attendee got, our first mini course arrived.

Of course I can't quite remember what it was now, but it was so delicious!

Soon after, our tea and service trays came, which were stackedddd with treats. 

Both the sweets and savouries were amazing. They even featured the patisserie's special little dessert, as well as the macarons they are known for selling.

After we stuffed ourselves full on everything, it was time for the raffle! I won some tickets to an alternative fashion show in the city, which I ended up giving away, but there were some great other prizes up for grabs!
Then there was official introductions/co-ord explanations where we each had to get up and say what brand our dress was/what character we were inspired by.
After we drank some more tea and chatted, there was a surprise announcement of a co-ord judging by Miki and Hayley! There would be two winners, and each one would win something from the Boutique! After they quickly decided, my friend Amy won second place for her amazing Maleficent inspired co-ord....and I won first prize!! I was so honoured and happy!! Miki and Hayley both said that I looked like I stepped out of the pages of a Gothic Lolita Bible and that my co-ord was fantastic *flattered*.

So here's what I won! 

Minus the cute alpaca coin purse, I won a gorgeous double-sided poster designed by Automatic Honey, and a pair of rare Angelic Pretty tights that were co-designed by Kira Imai and that go perfectly with my Lolita wardrobe!

Before long it was time for everyone to go :( We all went outside and took group photos first though!

I had such a fun time and I can't wait to go back to Fur Elise soon. I'm also so glad that Miki and Hayley came to Vancouver and I really hope that they come back many more times!